The management of publication in the Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities and Education is implemented on the online management system. The Journal’s articles are peer-reviewed by two independent reviewers towards the following specific steps:

Step 1: Authors submit articles through the Journal's online management system.

Step 2: The Journal’s secretary checks the format and form of articles towards the Journal's rules. The articles which are qualified for the form shall be sent to the Administrative and Editorial Head submitting the proposal for review to the Editor-in-Chief who will appoint the editor for pre-review. If articles which are not qualified for the form towards the journal's rules, the Secretary sends them back to the authors for adjustment.

Step 3: The editor is assigned to make a preliminary review of the article including the agreement between the title and content of the article, the length of the article, the structure, the keywords, the abstract in Vietnamese and English, references, presentation of figures, tables, formulas and calculations. The time for pre-review and approval shall not exceed 15 days after the first date the article is sent to the Board of Editors. For articles that do not meet the scientific and academic requirements, the editor will propose rejection to the Board of Editors. For articles qualified for the content, the editor will propose peer-review to the Board of Editors. After reviewers are appointed, the Journal’s Secretary sends the the article to the reviewers via the online management system.

Step 4: All articles which are not rejected after the preliminary review will be reviewed privately by two independent reviewers specializing in the area of the articles. Reviewers shall have a Ph.D. degree and come from leading educational institutions, research institutes in Vietnam or they are foreign reviewers. The time from review to result announcement shall not exceed 60 days.

Step 5: After receiving the results of the review from independent reviewers, the Secretary will send a list of comments and suggestions to the author. The author will rely on the comments to revise the article. The process of revising the article may be repeated several times until the article is accepted by the reviewers.

Step 6: Once the article has been revised and accepted by the reviewers, the Board of Editors will check plagiarisms and send the result to the Editor-in-Chief for the final decision on whether to accept the article or not. If the article is accepted, the next step will be carried out. If rejected, the author will be notified of specific reasons.

Step 7: The article accepted for publication will be sent to the proofreader for the check of the title, English abstract (for Vietnamese articles) and the whole article (for articles in English).

Step 8: The Board of Editors will send the article which has been proofread to the author for the revision. After receiving the revised article from the author, the Board of Editors proceed to format the article in accordance with the Journal's rules. In the course of editing, if there is any necessary change, the Board of Editors will discuss with the author .

Step 9: The formatted article will be sent to the Editor-in-chief for the approval of publication.

Step 10: Publishing on the Journal’s website and printing, issuing, archiving the article and sending the notification to the author.